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Chenbro chassis are more than enclosures — they are the foundation for server solutions of all kinds.

Business Meeting


We Can Help Build Your Solution

As part of the Reference Motherboard Program, we will be happy to recommend and test motherboards and other components* with our chassis.


We can also recommend components and packaging, and even source and assemble servers up to the L6 level.

Truck Driving by Lake


We Combine Speed & Reliability

Our chassis’ building block architecture allows us to minimize time spent on designing and testing new solutions. We utilize smart manufacturing and advanced supply chain management to ensure delivery ETAs are reliable and your deployments stay on track.

At the Office


We Can Customize Even
for Low Volumes

Thanks to our building block architecture, we can create specialized solutions around your unique needs—with minimal additional fees and testing.


You can even purchase our building blocks individually to customize servers yourself.



We Provide Advanced Features

We integrate the latest structural and thermal management technologies into our chassis, ensuring components last longer, maintenance costs stay low, and servers can be deployed in a range of environments.

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